Acts of Transfer, with Katy Beinart, including exhibition at Phoenix Space, 2021 and publication 2022 available here

Leeching, collaborative performance with Owen Lloyd, part of On Edge, organised by Young In Hong, at Centre of Gravity, Bristol, October 2020 (extract available here)

Writing Surfaces, part of Salon for a Speculative Future, 2020

I am writing in a room, documentation of performance in collaboration with Ben Owen at Kit Poulson’s Mutter Physics book launch, Spike Island,  2017

Twosome Twiminds, install shot of collaboration with poet Andrew F. Giles, exhibited at Feel it Festival, University of Bristol 2016

Take it further than I could, performance for Something Other, London 2016 

Where elsewhere is, (documentation of performance) Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol 2016

Drift, part of HOUSEWORK, group show including Dorian McFarland, Paul Carter, Playpaint, Jo Dennis, Jessie Makinson,  Lesley Blakelock, Fiona Long, Simon Haddock, Isabelle de Vasconcellos and Phillip Allen, Safehouse1 gallery, London 2015 

Mark my Words, installation view, part of Plymouth Art Weekender, 2015 

Mark My Words, installation view, part of Autocatalytic Future Games, at no format gallery, London 2015